“The Play Group” am 5. Oktober 2016  in Barnim School

 “The same procedure as every year” - seit 8 Jahren im Herbst bei uns


Auch in diesem Jahr konnten die humorvollen Schauspieler der englischen Theatergruppe „The Play Group“ die 9. Klassen mit ihrem neuen Stück "Elementary Watson- Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Mysterious Curler " begeistern. Es war ein vergnüglicher Nachmittag, der nicht zuletzt auch durch die vielen Helfer zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis wurde.

Dank an die 9b, die drei wundervolle Moderatorinnen stellte, und an die Techniker Julian Tenczhert und Jonas Knauft aus der 10h, die aus dem Backstage-Bereich für tolle Lichteffekte sorgten.

In Erinnerung bleiben wohl jedem Zuschauer die mutigen Mitspieler ! Ihr wart großartig!

(Jana Pechstein)


Eddie Roberts about our school - some impressions

 “...The wonderful thing about Barnim School is that it is one of the few schools in Berlin which has a purpose built theatre with a wonderful light system. We are expert at performing in any space- school halls, gymnasiums, theatres and even corridors!  But a theatre, with lights,  allows us to create a great atmosphere [...]

In order to cut costs we tour Europe with just three actors- we only have a light technician with us when we’re working in Naples and Campania (the region of which Naples is the capital). But each time we come to Barnim we are introduced to two or three very passionate and professional students who understand the theatre lights and who enthusiastically operate them for us.

The audience ALWAYS responds positively to our performances. They really encourage us to give our best with their very focused and attentive attitude. They are a lot of fun, and understand even the more subtler word plays or one liners! In the show we take three members of the audience and integrate them into the story. In the many years we’ve been coming to Barnim we’ve  always been impressed by how spontaneous and talented our volunteer actors and actresses are !

At the end of the show we invite students to ask us questions.  Again we get a great response, with students wanting to know such things as how long we rehearse our shows, our tours, where we  live, if we have a family and how we travel from place to place.

And when we take our final bows there is always a very sweet moment when we are presented with a small present from student representatives who tell us how much they enjoyed the show and what a pleasure it was to have us in their school.

So you can see why we enjoy coming to Barnim. We are really made to feel very welcome, both by staff and students. When we feel appreciated it makes our work much lighter[...]LONG LIVE BARNIM!!!”

(Eddie Roberts)






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